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Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Globe valves
Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Gate valves
Special Equipment Type-examination Certificate-Ball valves
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  • High pressure 2500LB BW ends gate valve
    High pressure 2500LB BW ends gate valve

    High pressure gate valve,the pressure is high to 2500LB,and the size is 14inch,the connection end is BW.It’s material is WC9, suitable for water,gas,oil,steam.And suitable temperature ≤593 ℃.This high pressure gate valve is an extension stem.And with a gear operator.

  • Staff Style of Sedelon Valve
    Staff Style of Sedelon Valve

    Sedelon Valve Co.,Ltd. is a valve manufacturer with more than decades experience. The reason why Sedelon can keep developing is that Sedelon do not only focus on valves quality, but also care about employees. The culture of a company affects the ideological culture of every employee, and in turn, the employees also promote the construction and development of the company culture. Sedelon do best to improve the staff’s satisfaction and promotes their cohesive force. Following are Sedelon’s staff photo.

  • Pneumatic Ball Valve
    Pneumatic Ball Valve

    Pneumatic Ball Valve Pneumatic ball valve is a kind of valve which is equipped with pneumatic actuator. The execution speed of pneumatic actuator is relatively fast, the fastest switching speed is 0.05 second/time, so it is also called pneumatic fast cut off ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves are usually equipped with a variety of accessories, such as solenoid valve, F.R.L, limit switch, locator, control box, etc. The advantages of pneumatic ball valve in the pipeline are on the below:

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Zhejiang Sedelon Valve Co.,Ltd is a professional plug valves company with productive factory, we are the best plug valves manufacturer and supplier from China.

Plug valve manufacturers The main standard are API6D plug valve , DIN plug valve , API607 plug valve , En1092 plug valve , JIS plug valve and DIN3352 plug valve . The main types are Cryogenic plug valves , socket weld plug valve , renewable seat ring plug valve , plug Forged plug valve , butt weld plug valve , hand wheel plug valve , gear plug valve , high temperature plug valves , Electric motor plug valve , high pressure valve and flanged plug valve ,.The main material are cast steel plug valve , bronze plug valve , stainless steel plug valve , alloy plug valve and Special Alloy plug valve .